Chip and Joanna Gaines are the ultimate relationship goals. As a matter of fact, I joke and tell people that Chip and Joanna Gaines are responsible for my divorce. But… I’m not actually joking. I started watching Fixer Upper several years ago, like the rest of the world. But what I learned was so much more than just how to decorate a beautiful house and a love for the Gaines family and Waco Texas.

The more I watched the show the more I learned. Then I read their books, The Magnolia Story and Capital Gaines. The more I learned the more I saw my relationship wasn’t healthy, happy or even normal. This is why they inspired me to walk away and start creating a better life instead.

With all this in mind, here are 15 reasons Chip and Joanna Gaines are relationship goals.

1. Chip is funny but he never makes fun of Joanna. There is a big difference.

2. Joanna’s ideas and designs matter. Chip treats her with respect. He lets her do her job without second-guessing her and belittling her.

3. Joanna has complete confidence is Chip’s abilities and knows he can do whatever needs to be done. She can count on him and trust him.

4. As a couple, they build each other up and encourage each other.

5. They work as a team. They can be together all day and still like each other. Still want to spend time together.

6. Marriage can (and should) be fun! One of the more enjoyable parts of the show is to see how they tease and play together.

7. REAL daddies love their children… This was not the case in our home so it hit me hard. A real dad praises his children and wants to be with them.

8. Family time is precious and filled with joy. It should always be a priority.

9. Date nights are important and something to look forward to. They don’t have to be a big production to be enjoyable.

10. Important days like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays CAN be a big production. They should be fun and no one should get in trouble for making them so.

11. Even if there are times of frustration and difficulty, perhaps a disagreement or two, there is never a reason to be mean or unkind. You can work it out as a team.

12. Dreams really do come true. It’s OK and even common to expect a miracle when needed.

13. Couples can (and I believe, should) give each other energy. They should uplift and inspire instead of bring down and drain.

14. You don’t have to be perfect. I’m sure both Chip and Joanna would tell you they aren’t. And their relationship isn’t either. It’s okay to learn as you go, forgive and keep moving forward without judgment and criticism.

15. Probably the biggest thing I learned was that life is fun! It’s good to laugh with each other and play. Even when there is work to do. Life, family, relationships, should all be beautiful.

All of these 15 relationship goals rang true to me.

But they were not things that were happening in my own marriage and family. As a matter of fact, the opposite is what my children and I were facing day after day. The more I watched the more obvious it became that I had a serious problem. So I decided to walk away. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but completely worth it. My children and I are now creating a new normal. One that is like Chip and Joanna. We laugh with each other and no one laughs at us. We feel safe to play and relax when needed. We have decided to dream big, knowing we won’t be mocked but rather encouraged. And we are learning to expect a miracle when needed.

So, now and forever, thank you Chip and Joanna! Thank you for giving me the understanding of what healthy relationships look like. And thank you for helping me have the courage to go for something better. I honestly believe in this case Chip and Joanna would be happy to know they are the reason I got a divorce.

Are you a fan of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gains? What have you learned from them? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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