About Kathy

Hi! I’m Kathy Lewis. I’m a Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, Happiness Coach, and an abuse survivor. I empower Christian women to create the happy and fulfilling life you are longing for by:

1. Teaching the skills to make your happiness automatic.

 2. Sharing the tools you need to create a healthy and balanced life

3.  Empowering you to live a life of Healthy that works and Happy that lasts.


My Story

I was in an abusive marriage for over 30 years. I knew the laws of health and studied them often but due to the constant abuse and stress my health suffered (it’s hard to be healthy when you are under constant criticism and fear). Despite the difficult situation I was still able to maintain a happy and positive disposition. The tools I used to keep up this disposition proved essential to survive the stress and trauma of my situation while in that marriage and through the divorce.

Now that I have moved on and left that past behind me, I have put the tools I used to stay positive with the tools I learned in my coaching education. I know how to achieve health and happiness. I know how to stay hopeful even when things are difficult. As I have applied these tools my life has been good despite the challenges I’ve faced. I’m still a work in progress but I can honestly say “Life is beautiful.”

I’m here to share these tools with you. The tools to achieve and maintain good health. The tools to have happiness despite the stress and difficulties in your life. The tools to create a balanced and fulfilling life. Join me on my journey as I reclaim my health and pursue my dreams. Let’s claim these realities together!

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Kathy Lewis is a Certified Life Coach, Health Coach and Happiness Coach who teaches Christian women to live a happy, healthy and abundant life. After leaving an abusive marriage she determined to share the tools she used to remain happy and hopeful despite life’s challenges. She is now reclaiming her health and teaching these skills to others.

Kathy is a motivational speaker and the founder of IamCoachKathy.com.

She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Kathy currently lives in Northern Utah with her dog Hawkie Bear.

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