Have you ever wondered how to improve your self-esteem? You aren’t alone! Many people struggle with lower levels of self-worth than they want (and ultimately deserve).

I read something on Instagram a few months ago that was so profound to me. I actually printed it big and hung it on my wall where I could see it often. It said,


“What we feed our minds determines our appetites.”

 I have thought about this many times and it is SO true. For over 30 years my ex-husband fed my mind full of lies and negative talk. That’s a pretty good way to damage your self esteem. The more we hear/think something the more our brains accept it as fact. The repetitive lies resulted in the pathways in my brain being pretty familiar with the negative. Thankfully, I don’t have to stay there, and neither do you! The best way to break the habit of negative thoughts about yourself is to create a NEW habit. One that feeds your mind with positive instead.

Now every day I have to make sure that I am repeating and affirming the good, happy and positive about me and my life. I intentionally tell myself the good so I don’t slip back into the old thoughts. This is because when our brains hear something or think something enough times it actually creates a pathway and it becomes automatic to think, feel and do what we have thought or been told.

If we feed our minds happy, exciting, and motivating things our appetites will be those things as well. By appetites I mean the way we eat, live, react with others, take care of ourselves and our belongings. How we show up in the world. The more we do this the more automatic the good becomes. The old pathways will be replaced with the good. It will become easier to think about the beautiful things about you and your world.

Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite holiday. I love the weather, planning for the big feast and the chance to slow down a bit and focus a little more on all I have to be thankful for.

As we think about all of the celebrations and feasting let’s make sure we take a minute and focus on what we are feeding our minds. Be sure to feed your mind all of the good you do. Feast on the wonderful ways you bless and help others. Be thankful for you and how amazing you are in so many ways.

Want to improve your self esteem? Feast on positive thoughts!

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