One way to achieve happiness is through freedom. Especially freedom from bullies. I am and forever will be grateful for those who have fought for the freedoms I enjoy. There is no question they are heroes! From the revolutionary war down to today, so many have given so much and blessed so many lives. A huge thank you to them and their families!

My dad was in World War II and whenever he talked about the war, which wasn’t very often, he cried. He cried about the cruelty, the injustice and the horrors of war. Of those who suffered and were in such terrible bondage. Wars are often, if not always because someone wants power and control. This was certainly the case with World War II. Hitler was crazy. He wanted things his way. He was in a sense a bully. Bullies want power, control and they want things their way… at any cost. They keep people in bondage so they can continue the control and keep their power.

Have you ever known someone like that? Someone who really doesn’t care about other people’s needs or wants or feelings. Someone who only thinks about themselves? Someone who doesn’t care who they hurt or how often they hurt them?

I have! I have seen these people also inflict pain on my children. Sadly, fear kept me from getting away from them. I finally realized that for me, the fear of what would happen was worth the price of walking away. And believe me, I paid a high price for walking away. I basically have had to start over. Start over financially because I lost everything, start over physically rebuilding my health because the stress took it’s toll, start over helping my children build their lives and do things they were never allowed to do. And start over creating a new life, one filled with love and happiness and freedom.

Do you have any bullies in your life? Do you have someone in your life who wants to keep you in bondage? It takes courage to break away. Just like the brave men and women who have and do fight for our freedoms. But you can do it. You can have freedom from bullies and be happy. Freedom to live your dreams, do what you love and have people in your life who aren’t bullies. People who will encourage, love and support you.

This is just a piece of my story. I invite you to continue to follow along as I share how I am doing this very thing, building a life of joy and love! Together we will take back our lives and have true happiness through freedom from bullies.

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A word of caution!!! Bullies can be VERY dangerous! If you are in any danger GET HELP! Find a trusted friend, loved one or local law authorities to help you. First and foremost protect yourself and those who depend on you.

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