Healthy hacks are a must when living a busy lifestyle. It’s very possible to be healthy without a lot of work as long as you know the right tricks.

One of the life-changing tricks I’ve picked up over the years involves glass jars. It makes clean eating a cinch.

Keeping veggies in glass helps them stay fresh longer. Having healthy food washed and ready means your family will eat more of it because they are quick and easy to grab. Veggie trays and salads just got even easier!

Have you noticed that you tend to eat the food that is most accessible? Whatever happens to be at the front of the fridge is what we grab. One way to stack the deck in your favor is to keep healthy food quick and easy to grab. When I buy a bunch of veggies from the grocery store I like to wash them, cut them up, and stick them in Mason jars. Now they can easily be added to a veggie tray, salad or wrap. The same goes for lettuce! It keeps better in a glass container and is so quick to add to sandwiches and salads.

What tricks do you use to stay healthy?


Bonus Hack!!

In addition to having those gorgeous, fresh veggies on hand, keeping some delicious, homemade salad dressings on hand will change your life. Seriously! Now salads, grain bowls, dips (even chip dips) just became almost automatic.

For amazing dressings that you will love try my Healthy Creamy Italian Salad Dressing and my Greek Vinaigrette and Creamy Pesto Dressings.

See? Clean Eating is very easy as long as you know the right healthy hacks!

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