Positive self-talk is one of the best ways to be more happy and attractive.

Have you ever thought “I wish I was more attractive” or “if I could just lose 30 pounds I’d finally be good enough”? How about something like “my hair, hips, thighs, nose, ears, teeth just aren’t right”? Or maybe you think “other people are just so much more attractive than I am”.

If you have, please know you aren’t alone. Everyone has felt that way! But… it’s time to STOP those thoughts! They aren’t serving you. How do you stop though? If you’ve been thinking them for years they are quite a habit now. Some healthy, positive self-talk can be just the ticket you need.

Story Time

I have some wonderful friends who mentioned that they know someone who honestly believes he is ugly. That really hit me hard. What a difficult thing to carry around your entire life. And guess what? It’s not true!

All of us, every single person on this planet is beautiful! We are God’s children and He doesn’t make junk.

Often what happens to us is we hear a comment from some insensitive person about our looks. Or we compare ourselves to others around us and then we make up a “story” about how what they said must be true. Or because we don’t quite measure up to someone else, we tell ourselves we simply aren’t attractive, or as good as others. Then that fabulous part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System goes to work looking for ways to prove our “story” is in fact correct. The good news is we can turn it around!


What to Do

Take just a minute and focus on your good points. Everyone has them. Maybe it’s your smile or your kind eyes. Maybe you have great hair. Or, just as importantly, focus on your laugh, your kindness, your love, and compassion. A good sense of humor can also make you attractive. Are you a fun person to be around? Maybe you compliment others and they just feel good being in your presence. The more you focus on these things the more it will engage the Reticular Activating System to start searching out ways that you are right. You will start to see that you are in fact beautiful!


The Truth About Beauty

Being beautiful doesn’t just come from our looks. I have known some amazingly beautiful people throughout my life and many of them may or may not win a beauty contest.

Focusing on our good points shows gratitude to God. He didn’t send any of us here to think even one negative thought about ourselves. Those thoughts come from the devil, the master of all lies.

So, if you want to be happier AND more attractive, start practicing some positive self-talk.

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