Spoiler! If you are wondering how to be happy you won’t want to overlook this very powerful skill.

There are many tools you can use to be a happier person. We can practice positive self talk, focus on choosing happy thoughts and utilize positive affirmations. There is an additional tool though that most people don’t even know about. It’s powerful, simple and feels great.

Let me illustrate, the other day while I was out and about I passed a young man, our eyes met and he instantly smiled at me and although I was a little taken back I smiled too. He brightened my entire day. From that experience, I started to understand the power of a smile.

Someone smiling at you may not seem at all surprising or unusual to you but for many years of my life, I didn’t dare make eye contact when I went out. And I never thought men smiled at anyone. In my marriage, the only time I was smiled at was when I was being laughed at or made fun of. The more time goes on and the more I focus on all the beauty around me the more I see people smiling. I see kind, loving relationships. Where people are safe and happy.

I love to smile! It just feels good. This experience and my Life Coach training have taught me the importance and value of a smile. Did you know that just the act of smiling can improve your mood?


The Science Behind a Smile

Take a second right now and smile, it might feel weird at first but trust me. Even a fake smile will do. Breath and focus on the feeling of smiling. The longer you do it the better it feels, right?

Now let me explain the science of what just happened. Whenever we use our smile muscles they send a signal to the brain that stimulates our reward system. This produces happy hormones or endorphins. It creates a positive loop. When we smile, we feel happy, when we feel happy, we smile and the loop continues for as long as we keep smiling.

Try it, it works. Better yet smile at other people like the young man did at me. It will make their day… and yours!


So, to sum up, one of the best, easiest, cheapest and most enjoyable tools you can use to more happy is to simply smile.

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