Life is kind of crazy right now, isn’t it? How do you feel peace when life is challenging? The news, social media, etc. is throwing so much at us. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, scared and uncertain.

Are you feeling this way right now too?

There’s a big secret most people don’t know that allows you to feel peace even when life is challenging and crazy.

I’m about to share this secret with you so if you’d like to learn what it is, keep on reading!

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How To Feel Peace When Life Is Challenging (The BIG Secret)


Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You’re going on vacation. You’re all excited and ready to go relax. But then… once you get to your destination, you suddenly realize that you don’t know if you left the iron on!

You think about it and think about it but just can’t remember. As time goes on you become more and more sure that you did leave the iron on. Your mind starts racing with all the terrible things that will probably happen.

There’s going to be a fire, you’ll lose everything! You won’t have a home to come back to. The list quickly goes on and on.

So you call a friend or neighbor and have them go check to see if the iron was left on. Almost every time, the iron was not left on, and everything is totally okay.

Has this or something like it ever happened to you?

Why can something that hasn’t happened make you feel like it’s so real?

This is the power of our thoughts.

The truth is, a thought is just a thought. It doesn’t have any power or truth by itself. However, we can quickly believe anything that pops into our heads. This causes those racing thoughts and panic as we become sure that it must be real because we thought it.

So how do you feel peace instead? Challenging things happen in life. That is true. However, we can focus on all the bad things we think might happen OR we can focus on the good that does exist and the possibilities of even more good to come.

This doesn’t take away from the bad that does happen to us all from time to time. Instead, it helps us create more good, feel more peace and enjoy life even when it’s crazy.

With all that’s going on in the world right now, I invite you to pay attention to your thoughts.

Are you letting them run wild and trusting every thought you think? Or are you intentionally focusing on things that bring you peace?

Remember, the big secret behind how to feel peace when life is challenging is to choose which thoughts you entertain.


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