Knowing how to handle stress during the holidays makes them SO much more enjoyable. The holidays are such a wonderful time of year! There are beautiful lights, family gatherings, parties with friends, yummy food and presents under the tree. But, sometimes with all of that comes… stress and stress can weaken the immune system and make us sick. So here are my top holiday health tips to keep you happy and healthy this season so you can enjoy every minute of the celebrations.

6 Tips to Handle Stress During the Holidays

1. Be in the moment. If you are out seeing the lights or reading Christmas stories to your children or grandchildren, be there. Whatever else it is, just be there, with no thought or concern about all you have to do or how much money is left in your account. Or what has to happen tomorrow. All of those things will be taken care of. For now, just be present.

2. Laugh… out loud. I mean really laugh with your whole face. A good ol’ belly laugh! Laughter is healing. And the more we laugh the better we feel. Learn to look for the humor all around you. Instead of moving past it quickly because life is busy, take a minute and enjoy the funny things as well as what may not seem so funny at the moment.

3. Breathe, just breathe. Stop right now, take a deep breath that fills your lungs, stomach and your entire back. This kind of breathing took me a while to learn but it is so worth it. There are all kinds of scientific evidence that this kind of breathing is healing in many, many ways. I’ve spent many years gulping my way through life out of fear. Deep breathing has been a life-changer for me. Try it, you’ll be hooked.

4. Aim for good, not perfection. We really don’t have to be perfect or even look perfect to other people. For the longest time, I felt like I had to do everything to the hilt or I would be laughed at, judged or criticized. What I know now is most people are more comfortable around you if you’re just real. And it leaves a lot more time for family, friends, and self-care.

5. So glad I mentioned it… Self-care. Take a minute for yourself. This is NOT selfish. It is critical! We all need a few minutes, sometimes a few hours to just take care of ourselves. And the best part is we are better able to take care of others when we do.

6. (This one is my favorite!) Take some time in your busy holiday schedule to think about the real reason we celebrate this time of year. Our Savior, Jesus Christ came as a tiny baby. Without Him, none of this would matter. He is truly the King of kings! He promised us peace and did all that was needed so that we could live again. Oh, how I love Him!


And there you have it! Now you know how to handle stress during the holidays. Which tip is your favorite? Leave me a comment about it below! AND be sure to share with a friend who needs less stress during this wonderful time of year.

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