Is self-care important? If you’re like most people, you ask this a little desperately as you catch your breath after finishing one thing on your to-do list and heading right into another.

Do you know that feeling too? That feeling of almost apologizing because you’re asking this question and a little afraid that you’ll never get the rest you so desperately need.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place! The answer to “is self-care important” is a happy, beautiful YES.

Is Self-Care Important (If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed you've got to read this!) I Am Coach Kathy

Try this:

Make a list of all the important things you need to do today. Include all the wonderful people you’re taking care of.

Now, are you on that list? Are your needs listed out too?

If they aren’t, it’s a sign that you’re putting everyone else’s needs before yours, and you need to be careful that you don’t burn out.

Let’s talk a little bit about why self-care is so important

Imagine you have a beautiful flower bed. They’re in full bloom and smell amazing.

As long as you have water to put on those flowers, they thrive and give beauty to all around them. They make the world a better place.

But if you run out of water, they start to shrink, weaken and shrivel.

We’re a lot like those flowers. If our needs are taken care of, we thrive and make the world an even better place!

But if our needs go unnoticed for too long, we start to weaken and fade.

How to practice self-care effectively

Before you panic, this does NOT mean you should pack more into your day! It doesn’t mean your to-do list should get bigger.

There may be some things you need to cut out or ask for help with. There may even be some people you need to stop spending so much time with, especially if they always have a lot of drama.

The best thing you can do each week is to schedule some time for you. It’s important to put it in your schedule because, as they say, “what get’s scheduled get’s done.”

I invite you to sit down and write up a list of things you enjoy doing. Things that make your heart happy! If you don’t remember what they are, write down some things you think you might enjoy and give them a try.

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As you start making your needs a priority, you’ll start to find that you feel less overwhelmed and much, much happier each day. And doesn’t that sound so much better than feeling wrung out and tired?

So the answer to “is self-care important?” is a big, beautiful YES.

It is important, and you deserve to enjoy it.

Tell me in the comments some of the ways you’re going to start practicing self-care!

P.S. To make your self-care journey even easier, click here and download your free guide on 11 Almost Instant Ways To Be Happier!

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